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Make a Difference with Your Gift

Your gift to Women’s Guild will support patient care, vital medical programs and equipment, biomedical research and education at Cedars-Sinai. You may want to consider making your gift a tribute to honor a loved one or commemorate a special occasion.

Choose How You Want to Give

Make a gift today using our secure online donation form.

By mail:
Make your donation via check or credit card using our printable donation form. The process is simple. Just download the form, print it, and complete it or fill in the form on the computer and print it. Then mail it with your donation to the address on the form.

By phone:
Learn more about giving opportunities and make your donation by calling the Women’s Guild office at 310-423-3667.

Decide Where You Want to Designate Your Gift

You decide which Women’s Guild program you want to support:

Consider These Types of Gifts

Tribute gifts:
You can make a memorial or tribute gift to honor a loved one or to commemorate a variety of occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, weddings or religious milestones like bar/bat mitzvahs and confirmations. There are several ways to make a tribute or memorial gift:

Naming opportunities:
Cedars-Sinai provides opportunities for naming buildings, hospital areas, research laboratories and equipment as a way to acknowledge the extraordinary generosity of donors.

Endowed chairs:
Endowed academic chairs at Cedars-Sinai, held by distinguished academicians and faculty, represent the pinnacle of excellence, providing a means for funding world-class contributions in teaching, medical research, universal scholarship, and clinical service.

Outstanding faculty members are at the heart of every great medical institution. The endowment of academic chairs ensures that Cedars-Sinai’s academic and professional excellence continues in perpetuity, fostering productivity and progress in many vital areas of medicine and science. Through a perpetual endowment fund, earnings are used to support the teaching and research activities of the academic who holds the chair.

A current gift of $2 million payable over a five-year period is required to establish an academic chair at Cedars-Sinai. The donor’s name is listed on the endowed academic chair wall in the Plaza Lobby upon receipt of 20 percent of the amount pledged. The Medical Center also works with donors and their families who wish to name a chair as a legacy (deferred) gift.

Establishing an academic chair provides a profound sense of participation in the future for donors and their families. The chair’s existence guarantees that the influence and contributions of the incumbent continue through published works and international collaborations. While carrying on the donor’s name and transcending national boundaries, the chair also serves as a viable instrument for global knowledge and accomplishment.

The endowed chair program also helps ensure the ability of Cedars-Sinai to attract, recruit, and maintain the highest level of academic professionals.

Planned gifts:
By channeling your contributions to Cedars-Sinai consistent with charitable tax planning strategies, you can benefit financially while benefiting the charity most important to you. Through well-designed estate planning and planned giving programs, you can receive regular income and significant tax benefits, while creating a permanent memorial in your name or the name of a loved one.

There are numerous ways to structure your gift while extending great support to Cedars-Sinai. For additional information regarding our planned giving programs, please contact the Women’s Guild office at 310-423-3667.