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Passover With a Twist

Linda Goldfein lent her beautiful home and kitchen to our sold-out cooking salon with renowned cook book author and chef Faye Levy. Faye demonstrated delicious Passover dishes that delighted the senses, and she also regaled us with Passover anecdotes.

“So much of our salons are about getting together with each other and sharing. At this salon, Beverly Firestein, Abby Levy and Ruth Blumkin also took the time to share with me and the group their recipe secrets for scrumptious brisket (Beverly), delectable matzo kugel (Abby), and to-die-for carrot soufflé (Ruth and Beverly). As a novice Passover hostess and facing my first big family Seder – Faye’s recipes and the help from my Women’s Guild sisters made my celebration the most delicious success!” – Shelley Cooper

1. Faye Levy, Beverly Firestein, Shelley Cooper, Stacy Green Kirshbaum, Lorette Gross, Dorothy Salkin
2. Abby Levy, Janis Wetsman, Betty Goodwin Klevan
3. Host Linda Goldfein
4. Group