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The Pacesetter: Barbara Herman

When Barbara Herman laid eyes on the Simulation Center, she didn’t hesitate. She reached for her checkbook to make the gift that formally launched Women’s Guild’s pledge to support the futuristic facility. Barbara, a longtime board member who serves as treasurer, is still bursting with enthusiasm for the project.

Q. Why did you decide to make the lead gift? 
A. The technology is amazingly cutting edge, and Cedars-Sinai is the first medical center in California to build a facility this sophisticated. I thought it was a fabulous investment for Women’s Guild, and I wanted to be a part of it.

Q. Why is it a good fit for Women’s Guild? 
A. The Simulation Center is a single entity that can transform the way care is delivered all across the Medical Center. We have a history of making transformative gifts, and this was a natural fit for our forward-thinking group.

Q. You’ve been with Women’s Guild for more than 40 years and supported numerous projects. How does this gift stand out for you personally? 
A. This is by far the largest gift I’ve ever given to a Women’s Guild project. I saw that it would have a wide impact on our community by ensuring that caregivers always have up-to-the-minute skills.

Q. What stands out after taking a tour of the Simulation Center? 
A. The realism is astounding! When the mannequins breathe and their eyes open and close, you feel like you’re in the room with real patients. It’s a tremendous learning resource.