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Women’s Guild Completes Strategic Plan

In order to stay vital in the 21st century, Women’s Guild will implement policy changes that were determined by its Strategic Planning Committee. The committee’s comprehensive, yearlong review examined Women’s Guild structure, operations and membership policies. Key developments included modifications in the way the group selects new fundraising projects, continued expansion of programming and events and increasing the size of the board. The plan will be fully implemented over the next three to five years.

“Through a more robust committee structure and increased opportunities for involvement, we expect to engage more people in building our board, the general membership, and the overall capacity of Women’s Guild,” explains President Lorette Gross.

First Executive Vice President Hella Hershson, who chaired the committee, adds, “We realize that to enhance our already significant contributions to Cedars-Sinai, Women’s Guild needs more people to become more involved.”

Of course, the organization’s greatest contribution is its fundraising prowess, as recently demonstrated by the successful completion of its $20 million campaign for the Women’s Guild Lung Institute two years ahead of schedule. With this new plan, the organization is poised to take its philanthropy to even greater heights. “This internal analysis set us on a path that enabled us to pick a new fundraising project that truly reflects the passion and interest of our membership,” Hershson adds, noting that the decision on the project was unanimous.

That passion is truly what drives Women’s Guild efforts, and Hershson says she was “surprised and delighted by the level of excitement and enthusiasm from newer members for becoming even more active.”

As a result of this enhanced activity, Women’s Guild members look forward to increasing their face-to-face involvement with Cedars-Sinai faculty and staff—and doing everything they can to add vital resources for research and to otherwise serve patients’ needs.

“The plan represents how we want Women’s Guild to evolve into the future,” says Hershson of the organization that has remained a philanthropic force for nearly 60 years, not only through its capacity to change but also because of the commitment of its members. “As women, we bring a different view as to what healthcare means to us, our families, and the community at large.”