Women's Guild

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Meet Women’s Guild

A Passion for Giving

We’re a diverse group of women with many different talents. This is what makes us so successful. We know how to get things done.

— Judy Briskin, Women’s Guild Past President

The driving force that brings us together is a desire to help others.

We’re a compassionate, talented, high-energy group of women who share a passion for giving.

Among our members — from young women to grandmothers — are lawyers, accountants, interior designers, editors, marketing experts, entrepreneurs. The list goes on. Everyone contributes their special skills to help us succeed as a group.

Our members tend to stay involved for years, even decades. Some are carrying on a long tradition of philanthropy and represent the second generation in their family to be part of Women’s Guild. Many of us joined to give back to a hospital where our families have received superb medical care — and where our children and grandchildren were born.

We’re proud that our community hospital is an international leader in healthcare — and proud to support advances in medicine that benefit not only our community but patients all over the world.